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Preparing Your Feet for Optimum Performance

Energized, agile feet are the key to a strong runner's stride. The heel bone support provided by Yoga Sandals® allows both blood and nerve circulation to flow through the arch, and works arch muscles naturally. The gentle spreading of the toes as you walk improves range of motion and joint mobility. Utilizing Yoga Sandals® for everyday wear train your feet to be strong, flexible and build equilibrium. You bring energized feet to the beginning of your run. Whether you believe in heel strike or forefoot or mid-foot strike as you run, Yoga Sandals® prepare your feet for optimum performance.

Balance Strength Control

Feet hold you in the uniquely human upright, standing position. Engineered to bear weight while moving in limitless directions and countering opposing forces to stabilize the body, the feet are the biomechanic foundation for your alignment and balance as well as your ability to move as nature originally intended.  Yoga Sandals® exercise your feet to help restore foot strength, balance and alignment returning your feet to their natural function.

Wearing Yoga Sandals® to and from your Yoga classes, Pilates classes, the gym or any other exercise experience , you loosen and relax your joints, strengthen your toes and foot muscles, improve circulation and nerve conduction through your arch, and ready your feet for the movement challenge ahead, or the relaxation and recovery after  your exertion.  Those people who wear sandals in the gym for some exercises, will find Yoga Sandals® sit firmly on the feet, providing more stability than a typical sandal.

Agile Performance and Relaxation

Bare foot dancers find their toes spreading naturally for balance and agility of movement. Yoga Sandals® gently increase the spread of the toes to provide full range of motion in joints, bones and muscles. Yoga Sandals® also provide relaxation of those joints, bones and muscles after dance, or after wearing ballet or dance shoes. The heel bone support allows the flow of blood and nerve circulation through the arch, energizing the entire foot. Whether to prepare for dance or relax after dance, Yoga Sandals® are ideal for the dancer's foot.

I've been wearing my Yoga Sandals for four years now and they are without a doubt the most comfortable things I've ever worn on my feet. And if that wasn't enough, I've been dancing for 11 years and have had nothing but progress since I started wearing them. They are the convenience of flip-flops and the comfort and stability of shock-absorbing running shoes while still being beneficial for your body. Owning these sandals has been one of the best things I've done in my entire life.

- Andrew Johnson
June 7, 2011