Yoga Sandals® Originals White

Our Patented Beech Original, made with the highest quality multi-density eva, comfortable heel support, and upgraded spreaders and mounting! Charm loops are back!
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Sandal Length Measurements: Small 9.5 inches, Medium 10 inches, Large 10.5 inches, XL 11 inches
Foot Measurements (from heel to longest toe): Small 8.5 inches or less, Medium 9 inches or less, Large 9.5 inches or less, XL 10 inches or less

Recommended by podiatrists, medical doctors and yoga instructors alike, this health-friendly sandal incorporates toe separators to allow for freedom of movement. This helps the bones and muscles in the feet to become more mobile, as naturally intended. So you’re re-training your toes to spread out as you walk, which in turn, helps improve posture, balance and overall foot health. Also great for keeping your freshly painted pedicure intact!

* - Newest dual layer insulated string technology - helps vastly increase longevity
* - Proprietary patented technology allows for proper heel support and gentle spread of the toes providing alignment, stability and balance.
* - Advanced heel support
* - Countless satisfied customers have told us about Yoga Sandals® providing relief from leg, hip and spinal discomfort, while having the ease of a sandal in and out of the house.
* - Good for the function of the feet, good for the body’s structure, and a great added asset, smudge free pedicures!
* - Durable, skid-resistant soles with soft, non-abrasive uppers.
* - Re-useable and washable.
* - Charm loop is back!

Patent# 6,151,801