Perfect Pedicures

Beech Yoga Sandals® is your perfect pedicure partner, making pedicures on-the-go easier than ever. You can now get back to your life without having to wait for nails to dry with these innovative sandals. Designed to be worn during and after pedicures, or just to relax the feet after a long day in heels or narrow shoes.  Yoga Sandals provide the added bonus of revitalizing foot muscles and joints while providing proper support for everyday wear.

  1. Your nail tech should remove old polish from your toenails, provide a relaxing foot bath with moisturizing enhancers while you have a moment of rest and soak the stresses of the day away.
  2. They will carefully clean and trim the nails, utilizing safety precautions to avoid trimming too much while following your preferences.
  3. Next they will dry your feet thoroughly, using a soft, warm, clean towel. They should be sure to dry under and between the toes.
  4. This will be followed by a soothing foot massage with moisturizers, working fingers gently between the toes while massaging the ball, arch heel, and top of the foot.
  5. At this point Yoga Sandals should be slipped on to your feet to prepare to paint your toenails.
  6. Yoga sandals keep the toes separated and provide a surface  to steady  the feet  while painting toenails.
  7. With each foot securely fitted into Yoga Sandals, the nail tech can move the foot around without the risk of toes shifting and smudging the polish. You can literally walk out of the salon with no need to wait for drying as the toes stay separated and secure in Beech Yoga Sandals.

Slip on your Yoga Sandals® before a pedicure, let the toe separators space your toes out, then walk straight out without a smudge or worry in mind! In a culture where the working lunch has become the norm, Yoga Sandals® offer women a new reason to get up and take a break for some lunch time pampering!

The benefits of Yoga Sandals® don't stop there - they have added health benefits too. By using the basic yoga principle of separating the toes, Beech work to straighten the bones in the feet, improving balance, encouraging body alignment and stretching leg muscles. Approved by many health professionals, Beech simulate the agile movements of youthful feet, and help to combat many unwanted lumps and bumps!

With great summer styling and a fresh, bold color palette Yoga Sandals® are set apart in the style stakes and are the perfect compliment to any summer outfit looking to make a statement!

Who's Talking About Yoga Sandals®

Sarah Jessica Parker - Look Magazine

"You guys rock! Ordered my first pair of Originals after my mother (already a convert) forwarded me an email, but the wrong size got delivered. Not only is the correct size getting shipped out, I have a pair to create another convert with! You've just gained a lifetime customer." - Ms. York, Falls Church, VA

"Thank you for offering these wonderful sandals again. I have worn the only pair I have so much, it will be nice to have new fresh ones. Great indoors on tile floors too, cushions the walk and the back. I get lots of comments, I'm a walking advertisement." - Carol H.

"I bought these sandals, because I was facing more foot surgery. The yoga sandals were recommended by a friend who gave me your catalog. Great fit, awesome support, and my feet are feeling stronger, and are not turning to the outside. I wear them every chance I get. Thanks for a great product, will be buying more soon." - Jaxston, Panama City Beach, FL

"These are the most awesome sandals ever!!! Very comfortable. I have arthritic feet, and they feel great to me. Will buy more!!!!" - Kathie P.

"I have had pain under right ball of foot for a year. Since wearing these shoes, pain is COMPLETELY GONE. Also...I can walk a good fast 30 minute walk over hills in these shoes. I do practice yoga and already had my toes "trained" for the split...might be uncomfortable if not used to that. For me, fabulous! I've told everyone! Taken catalogs to Yoga school. Get these!" - JMoon, Seattle, WA

"I've been wearing my yoga sandals for almost 2 weeks and I'm ready to order more! I have bunions, an injured toe that turns in and a little toe that gets squashed by the next toe beside it - constant feet pain in shoes, no matter how orthopedic they are and foot fatigue when barefoot for more than an hour. What a relief to wear the sandals! I already see improvement in the spacing of my toes and my feet feel stronger. Thank you so much for your excellent product! PS I also get many compliments on my Yoga Sandals!" - Lynn - Mio, MI

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